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Providing Michigan Families With Fresh Certified Organic Produce.
Updated: Jan 2017......In Business Since 1990

KlineKrest Certified Organic Produce

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KlineKrest Certified Organic Produce

No CSA shares will be offered this year.
We will not plant any vegetables this year. No vegetables will be offered for the year 2017. Sorry. We replanted our entire strawberry beds in 2016. We will not be able to offer any plants for sale in the future, as all varieties we now have planted are copyrighted, and I do not have the license to sell the ones we now have. We're hoping to have a great crop of berries for the 2017 season. Be sure to visit your local Farmers' Markets this year.
Our 2017 season will offer no vegetables or herbs for sale.
We will be focusing entirely on our orchard and fruits.
Our best regards. Larry and Barbara

We may have what you want, or can custom grow it.
Our USDA Certified Organic Produce Farm has:

10 Varieties of STRAWBERRIES.
135 varieties of FRUITS, NUTS, BERRIES.
Many unusual small FRUITS & BERRIES.
45 varieties of Culinary, Medicinal, Native HERBS.
Produce: Melons, Asparagus, Rhubarb, Tomatoes,
MUCH, MUCH MORE. Visit listings above.
We offer U-PICK | PYO produce and CSA shares.
NOTE: Appointments for U-Pick are very important to make, as our available spots fill very quickly, especially for Strawberries.
Get on our emailing list to receive early updates for picking dates of any specific produce you are interested in.

KlineKrest Certified Organic Produce
1067 Somer Road; Lyons, MI 48851
Phone: 616.902.1587 Larry or Barb Kline

Open at 9 AM Jun1 thru Nov 14 ?

Saturdays 9AM-1PM at either the Ionia or Portland, MI CSA Farmers Market. See directions below.

1-The Ionia Michigan Farmersí Market 48846.
The Robert Hoppough Farmersí Market Pavilion, located on the northeast corner of Adams and Steele Streets. Conveniently located one block west of M-66 and one block south of Main St.
Contact the City of Ionia DDA office 616-527-1420.
2-The Portland Michigan Farmers Market 48875.
Located at the Old Red Mill on Water Street. Turn North off Grand River Ave at Water Street, just West of the river.

Apricot/Early Blush; Black Tlor; Sugar Pearl
Cherry/Balaton; Royalton; White Gold; Sweet September
Cherry-Hungarian; Danube; Joel Bush; Jubileum
Chum Combo Sprite/Delight (Cherry and Plum cross)
Medlar/Breda Giant
Mountain Ash/Rabina
Nectarine: Kreibich; Mericrest; Yum Yum
Necta-Plum/SpiceZee (Nectarine and Plum cross)
Nut/Almond: Bounty; Nikita
Nut/Chestnut: Con. Early; Precoce Migoule; Belle Epine; SI. Giant
Nut/Filbert/Hazelnut: American; Jefferson; Yamhill
Nut/Japan Heartnut/Buartnut
Nut/Northern Pecan: Hardy Giant; Surecrop
Nut/Yellowhorn (Macadamia)
Nut/Pine: Korean-P.koraiepsis; Siberian
Nut/Monkey Puzzle-Araucaria araucana
Oregon Grape
Pawpaw: Taytwo & Sunflower
Peach/White: Blushing Star; Erly White/jul; White Lady/aug; George IV/Jun; Summer Pearl/sep; Sep Snow/oct
Peach/Yellow: Avalon Pride/jul; Intrepid; Reliance/aug; Madison/sep; Laurol/oct; Indian Free/
Tri-Lite - (Peach/Plum cross)
Pear/Asian: Nijiseki; Olympic; Raja;
Pear/Asian/4 variety-Bot?, Shinseiki, Hamese, Mishirasu
Pear/Bella de Or/jul; Hudar/aug; Nova/sep; Conference/oct
Peacotum/Belle Gold (Peach, Apricot and Plum cross)
Persimmon/Asian: Rossyanka
Plum: Howard Miracle; Mt. Royal; Northern Blue; Toka; Underwood; Early Golden; Coe Golden
Pluot/4 Combo: DD - Flavor Suprene, King & Queen
Pluot: Dapple Dandy; Flavor Supreme; Splash
Russian Quince: Kauna; Kuganskaya

STRAWBERRIES-5 Varieties: If you're craving something sweet, skip the cookies and grab a handful of strawberries or raspberries instead. In winter, frozen berries make a tasty and equally healthy alternative. These nutrient-rich fruits are loaded with fiber and vitamin C.

ALMONDS: Looking for an easy way to relieve stress? Try crunching on unsalted almonds to get some aggression out. The nuts are a good source of vitamin B2 and E, as well as magnesium and zinc. Like vitamin C, vitamin E has been shown to fight the free radicals that can cause heart disease.
PECANS: Has highest ORAC value of any nut tree.

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KlineKrest Certified Organic Produce

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