DEC-JAN: Set live traps for rabbits.
Check and repair any tree damage. Apply trunk protection before snowfall.
Explore Catalogs and finalize/place all orders for the new year.
Update Website, financial records (KlineKrest Quickbooks), Farm records.
File quarterly/annual MOSA reports and payments before the end of JAN.
Jan 1: Start Egplants and Peppers in 9 oz. cups. 3 weeks to sprouting.
FEB: Pay property taxes-ugh.
Feb 1: Start Eggplants, Tomatillos, and Early Tomatoes in 9 oz. cups.
Use lights to enhance and encourage good growth.
Thin seedlings to 3 per pot when 2nd leaves appear.
MARCH: Start remaining tomatoes in 9 oz cups March 1st.
Repot EARLY tomato seedlings into 20 oz. cups. Thin to the two best.
Check fences, traps and trees periodically through the winter.
Check for and repair any rodent damage to trees.
On sunny days, seek and destroy web worm egg masses.
File Farm update reports with MOSA before March 15 (save $25).
File quarterly MOSA reports and payments before end of next month.
APRIL: Start remaining seedlings indoors
Apr 1: Remove covers and trunk protectors from trees and bushes.
Set out Early Tomatoes, and PROTECT from weather as needed.
Start weeding (ugh) Strawberries and continue through June.
Plant all new arriving trees and plants, except frost sensitive plants.
To newly planted trees, apply 5 gal water 3x weekly for first 3 months, and then twice weekly through September.
Thin tomato seedlings to two. Repot excess for sale at the Ionia Armory: Spring Yard Sales, the 3rd consecutive Friday and Saturday of April.
Start Melon and Squash seedlings in 32 oz. cups April 15th.
Plant cool weather crops as soon as ground can be worked.
Harvest Spring Leeks April 15-25 if ready.
Apr 15. Cornas Mas and Hazelnut catkins in blossom.
MAY: Record dates of Strawberry blossoming: Picking starts 30 days later.
Late MAY: Check for and repair borer damage in Peach and other trees.
Record dates throughout the year of any trees in blossom, for future ref.
Start Sweet Potato Slips May 1st, and transplant last week of June.
Mow and till Winter Rye cover crop, when seed heads appear.
Plant seeds and transplant plants outdoors as weather permits.
Plant Sunflower seeds outdoors about mid-May.
Goumi in blossom on the 15th. Peas and beans up the 25th.
Aronia in blossom May 30th.
Dust underneath Strawberry plants and all trees and bushes with DE after flower petal drop.
Set yellow Fruit Fly Traps in applicable trees right after petal fall.
Place Strawberry picking ad, 2 weeks before berries start.
JUNE: Set live traps for coons marauding into the strawberries.
About 4 weeks after fruit trees were in full blossom, apply protective baggies to fruit (now about thumbnail size), and apply DE to base of Plum trees, to deter climbing plum curculios.
Install bird netting over small Berries and Cherries, remove at harvest.
Transplant Melon vines outside June 1st, or earlier if weather allows.
Harvest Strawberries, Honeyberry, and others when ready.
Jubileum cherry ripe 35 days after blossoms.
Balaton and White Gold cherry ripe 45 days after blossoms.
Elderberry in blossom the 25th.
Early Tomatoes will be ready this month, I hope.
Harvest Goumi 35 days after blossoms.
Start sprouted Sw. Potato Tubers in water about June 8.
7 days later, transplant tuber w/sprouts intact, to garden (very shallow).
Dig up, break off and plant Sw. Potato Slips about the last week of June.
File quarterly MOSA reports and payments before end of next month.
Freeze and preserve excess produce throughout the harvest season.
JULY: Boysenberries (Wyeberry) ripe (5th) 40 days after blossoms.
Danube cherry ripe (5th) 60 days after blossoms.
Star Seaberry ripe (10th) 60 days after blossoms.
Jostaberries and Gooseberries ripe (20th) 65 days after blossoms.
Yum-Yum and Underwood plum ripe (20th) 75 days after blossoms.
Transfer live traps to Orchards and Melon patches. Monitor carefully.
Renovate EACH Strawberry bed, when harvest ends. Rototill beds to about 1 to 1 1/2 feet wide. Remove weeds, and any plants closer than 8" to each other. Apply an organic liquid fertilizer to each row. Apply composted manure to each row. Insure any new runners take root within the bed area. Sow a cover crop in the aisleways, like winter rye.
AUGUST: Sirola Seaberry ripe (5th) 90 days after blossoms.
Pick Melons and Peaches and Blueberries starting the 10th.
Erly White and Reliance Peach ripe (10th) 95 days after blossoms.
Black Tlor apricot ripe (15th) 100 days after blossoms.
Sprite/Delight cherry ripe (15th) 100 days after blossoms.
Chester blackberry ripe (20th) 60 days after blossoms.
Toka and N. Blue Plum ripe (20th) 105 days after blossoms.
Williams Pride apple ripe (25th) 105 days after blossoms.
Aronia berries ripe (30th) 90 days after blossoms.
SEP: Elderberries ripe the 10th, 75 days after blossoms.
Asian Pears ripe (10th) 120? days after blossoms.
Intrepid peach ripe (15th) 130 days after blossoms.
Pluots ripe (15th) 130 days after blossoms.
Hazelnuts ready the 20th.
Olympic Asian pear ripe (25th) 135? days after blossoms.
File quarterly MOSA reports and payments before end of next month.
Submit forms for State Cost Share Application Reimbursement before Oct 1.
OCT: Harvest Sweet potatoes before any Frost or Freeze days.
Label and reserve several of the bigger tubers for sprouting next June.
Mother apple ripe (1st) 140 days after blossoms.
Indian Free peach ripe (1st) 180 days after blossoms.
Dry beans ready the 15th.
Autumn Olive ready the 25th.
Apply manure and compost to trees, bushes and garden areas.
Reserve some for spring garden plantings.
Sow Winter Rye, for winter cover crop and spring green manure crop.
NOV: Harvest Quince the 5th.
Harvest late Apples when ready.
Ark. Black, Calville Blanc, Redfree and Liberty ripe (1st) 180 days after blossoms.
Cover Strawberriesaround Thanksgiving time; after first frost.
Gather, Clean, Inspect, Winterize and Store equipment as required.